Schottenstein Family Capital is a boutique seed investment fund focusing on early stage start-ups. We were founded in 2015 with the goal of helping promising companies with solid management teams along the path of growth and expansion. What makes Schottenstein Family Capital unique is that all of our principals have been successful with their own start-ups which allows us to give back and invest in others. We don’t sit on the sidelines. We bring our real-world experience to the table and take a hands-on approach with our portfolio companies. 
Along with our mentorship and guidance, Schottenstein Family Capital provides tangible value through our own strategic partnerships and personal connections. Portfolio companies can take advantage of athlete and celebrity sponsorships, introductions to best-fit legal services, access to manufacturing and device production, relationships with national chains and distributors and proprietary sales avenues. We also offer expert marketing services to assist with customer acquisition and conversion rate optimization, press-related needs and social media.

The Family Office

We are a unique private family investment office with over a decade experience in the start-up space. To learn more about Schottenstein Family Capital, please send an email to


Schottenstein Family Capital is always looking for additional investment opportunities.
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